Get Healthy, Glowing Skin!

“A spa is a place where you can have total rest and relaxation. If you think you have the at-home facial down to an art, you can’t beat the benefits of not having to lift a finger…”

Most of us wonder why we pay someone else to wash our face – while you can easily do it at home? What’s the deal with facial spa? Well, you can stop wondering over this question because we have several reasons why you should get a facial spa on a regular basis. Go to the spa for a facial to have lasting benefits that can drastically improve the look and feel of your skin.


Clear pores

The dirt and bacteria that accumulate on your skin can settle in your pores, causing unsightly blackheads and whiteheads. And, no matter how long you poke and prod at your pores in front of the bathroom mirror, you’ll likely never extract them all. Only your skincare specialist can safely extract this pesky buildup, which results in a smooth, clear-pored complexion.

Renews skin

Professional exfoliation rids your face of the bacteria, dirt, and dead skin cells that can be dulling the glow underneath. Getting rid of these particles also reduces their ability to clog pores. Your skincare specialist works on your facial care and treatment to provide the maximum level of exfoliation without irritating your skin with more aggressive ingredients. Just be sure to be up front about any skin sensitivities so that the wrong ingredients aren’t used.

Makes skin more absorbent

After facial exfoliation, the newest layer of skin will be brought to the surface. This layer of skin will be absorbent, leading to extra hydration. Any product you use in the days after your facial will have amped-up effects. So your skincare specialist makes sure to moisturize and apply other professional facial product diligently during this time. In addition to the moisturizer your skincare specialist applies during your facial, any hydrating products you use within the hours or days immediately following will likely have their efficacy increased.

Brings youthful glow

Skincare peels or brightening masks might be administered during your spa facial, and these can be packed with age-fighting antioxidants that can boost collagen production, plump your skin, and reduce fine lines for a youthful, shining face.

Increases circulation

Spa facials can improve and restore circulation to your face. This intensifies the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to skin cells, making your skin appear plump, radiant, and wrinkle-free.

Detoxifies skin

Some professional facial treatments can further remove toxins and impurities from your face. Particularly if your system is overwhelmed with toxins, it may develop rashes or abscesses to compensate. Your skincare specialist helps you get rid of these impurities or waste products, which in turn, help your skin look and feel better.


Most importantly, a spa is a place where you can have total rest and relaxation. If you think you have the at-home facial down to an art, you can’t beat the benefits of not having to lift a finger. Go to your favorite spa to have a soothing, calming and stress- easing day. A spa can definitely be the key to attaining the peace of mind you’ve been searching for.

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