What Causes Dark Underarm?

“It can be a combination of hyper pigmentation or even hair that is left behind after shaving. Maybe the deodorant you are using is not agreeing with your skin or some sort of infection that affected your skin . . .”


Dark underarms are no joke and they can be a total killjoy and even influence how you feel about yourself. A lot of people especially women hide this condition under clothes because they don’t want other people to see how dark their armpits were. They felt they were a reflection of who they are and their hygiene practices. Some even started scrubbing their armpits to the point when they would hurt.

Dark underarms are a common problem that many women face. Even the fair-skinned women have dark underarms which make them self-conscious of their appearance when wearing sleeveless tops and raising their arms. Before you allow your self-esteem to sink down even further and give away all your favorite sleeveless tops, know the causes of those dark spots and find the right solution. It is not because you are not practicing proper hygiene, even though that can play a role.

There are several reasons why some people suffer from darkened underarms. It can be a combination of hyper pigmentation or even hair that is left behind after shaving. Maybe the deodorant you are using is not agreeing with your skin or some sort of infection that affected your skin. Below are the common blunders of dark underarms:


underarminfectionA bacterial infection known as erythrasma and is seen as one of the reasons in producing dark underarms. The infection, caused by the Corynebacterium minutissimum bacterium, begins appearing as pink patches, and then those pink spots turn into brown scales. It is more common among individuals with diabetes mellitus, according to the National Institutes of Health. It also affects more individuals in warm climates than those in cold. Erythrasma is treated using oral or topical antibiotics.


underarmcreamThe ingredients in antiperspirant products could react with the skin or individual body chemistry to cause discoloration. While studies and evidence are not present in this claim, some people have stopped using antiperspirant and deodorant combination products that have observed the cessation of underarm discoloration. Other observation also is the frequent use of deodorant cream types that are not properly cleansed, thus, accumulation of dead skin cells. Make sure to clean your underarm properly everyday, and find the right product that is really suitable for your skin type. (See Beaublends© Underarm Solution)


underarmshavingShaving your armpits may give them a dark, discolored appearance. Shaving cuts the hairs at the surface of the skin. If you have hair that is darker than your skin color, the stubble will show up as a dark stain. Instead of shaving skin, it is recommended to consider waxing or tweezing the hairs. These procedures remove hair below the skin’s surface and reduce the visibility of the hairs.

Some claim that rubbing lemon juice, potatoes and cucumbers (due to their bleaching effect), coconut oil massages (due to their vitamin E content) have helped lighten the skin on their underarms. However, these remedies may not work for everyone as the cause of dark underarms varies from person to person. Choose a special formulated products that address both the underarm discoloration, sweating and with odor protection.


There is really no reason to walk around feeling beat down as a result of your underarms looking darker than the rest of your skin. You can try the Beaublends© Underarm Solution – an intensive whitening and anti-perspirant deodorant which contains natural cosmeceutical ingredients and botanical extracts for safe and effective underarm whitening. It is specially formulated to whiten your armpits and get them glowing and radiant once more while giving you the protection from underarm odor.

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