Natural Ingredients To Help You Brighten Your Skin

When your skin is exposed to harsh sun-rays and pollution it looses its glow and results to dull, dark, pigmented skin. In order to address problems associated with hyper-pigmentation, including melasma, acne scars, dark spots and uneven skin tones, we often resort to skin whitening creams. Traditionally these creams were formulated using synthetic ingredients like hydroquinine and mercury. These ingredients are both effective bleaching agents as they suppress the formation of melanin, the pigment that darkens our skin. However, recent studies have shown that these ingredients can be toxic to the body and can impair normal body function if used for extended periods of time. In fact, these ingredients can darken skin and cause premature aging if used for extended periods of time. Hydroquinine is a chemical that is used in hair dyes and in the manufacture of rubber. It has been banned from use in cosmetics in some countries. On the other hand, inorganic mercury used in skin whitening soaps and creams are reported to cause kidney damage, skin discolorations, rashes and even neurological problems.


Fortunately, there are natural whitening ingredients discovered to work just as good as the synthetic ones — without the harmful side effects. These natural ingredients work by: (1) absorbing harmful UV rays from the sun; and (2) inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin which causes the dark pigmentation. These natural ingredients are proven to whiten skin.


kojicacidKojic Acid – is a white crystalline powder that comes from the koji mushroom, Aspergillus oryzae. It is produced as a by-product in the production of the rice wine, sake, and is known as an effective skin whitener. It has been clinically shown to reduce hyper-pigmentation. It works by inhibiting the function of tyrosinase, the protein responsible for producing melanin. It also acts as an antioxidant and is suitable for sun damaged or sensitive skin.


Liquorice Extract – The juice derived from the roots of the licorice plant was identified by Japanese scientists. The compound glabridin in liquorice absorbs UVA and UVB rays and acts as a powerful and effective skin-whitening element. Clinical trials have shown that it is effective in treating hyperpigmentation and it can be used to reverse the damage caused by acne scars. Glabridin has the capacity to inhibit the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme by as much as 50% without damaging skin cells. Liquorice extract has anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm the skin and reduce skin irritation and redness.

liquorice root, on white background



White Mulberry Extract – has been found to have many health benefits and also help to whiten the skin. It is a natural inhibitor of the enzyme tyrosinase. This enzyme triggers the production of melanin in the skin. Several clinical trials have established that white mulberry and paper mulberry are both effective skin-whitening agents and are suitable for dermatological use. The study found that a 0.4% concentration of mulberry extract reduced tyrosinase activity by 50%.


Alpha Arbutin – derived from natural plant sources like the bearberry plant. Bearberry extract comes from the leaves of the bearberry plant and has been shown to be a good alternative to hydroquinine. It acts by inhibiting the enzyme, tyrosinase, which is responsible for the production of melanin in the skin. Bearberry extract also offers UV protection sun filters that can reduce the amount of tanning and prevent premature ageing of the skin.



gooseberryGooseberry extract–has been found to be a powerful antioxidant containing large amounts of Vitamin C and antimicrobial properties. It helps the skin to retain its natural moisture while protecting it from photo-damage and oxidative stress. Gooseberry extract has been shown to suppress the production of melanin and is considered a safe de-pigmenting agent for use in cosmetics.


Lemon juice and orange peels – are natural skin bleaching agents. They contain lots of vitamin C, which plays an important role in producing the collagen fibers that help support your skin and keep it firm. When applied topically, Vitamin C has been shown to slow down hyperactive melanocytes. These are the cells that produce melanin in the basal layers of the skin that causes the skin to become darker.

liquorice root, on white background

What should you look for in your skin whitening products?

You should conduct a thorough research beginning with the ones that contain natural and non-toxic ingredients. Read labels and product information. If it doesn’t provide much information about its ingredients, then you should not purchase it.



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