Chocolate as Skin Treat

We often see chocolates as a treat, even categorized the different kinds into what is the best kind to eat and how much to consume. Other than the pleasure of eating chocolates, did you know that chocolate is also good for the body and the skin? Whether you eat it or spread different beauty products that contain traces of chocolate or even pure chocolate, it has its own benefits that might be appealing to you.


Most information we read about says that amongst all the chocolates, the dark chocolate is the best one both for eating and as a skin beauty product. That is because it contains almost 70 percent cocoa, which contains a substance called the flavonoids that is actually good for the body (help decrease the risk for heart attack and stroke) and helps the skin look and feel good. It is an antioxidant that can protect the skin from harmful UV damage. It can also improve the skins hydration and thickness that keeps the skin looking young. Dark chocolates can also relax the blood vessels and can reduce high blood pressure. It also has mood enhancing neurotransmitters. For the beauty side of it, dark chocolate can combat stress and wrinkles. . Of course, eating in moderation is always the key.


The Top Benefits that Dark Chocolate can do for your skin and your body are as follows:

  • Chocolate has an anti-inflammatory property that helps your digestion break down bacteria that can lower the risk of inflammation in your heart (cardiovascular system).
  • Dark Chocolate can reduce your sugar cravings. By eating dark chocolate, those sugar cravings are lessened since the person feels satisfied and less hungry. A good reason for this is that the high percentage of cocoa present in dark chocolates are rich in fiber and protein that can teach our bodies to become satisfied easily. Another thing is that dark chocolate contains healthy fat (cocoa butter) that is filling and rich, which can suppress your needs to consume sweet foods.
  • Cocoa butter can lower the level of bad cholesterol and can increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body. Good cholesterol also helps the skin build and repair damages incurred by daily routines and outdoor surroundings that can damage the outer layer.
  • Dark chocolate also protects your skin from drying out and reduces the risk of sunburn, this is because the skin is hydrated and the moisture loss in the skin is significantly reduced. The reason behind this is that cocoa boosts blood circulation to the top layer of the skin giving them more oxygen and nutrients to draw in.
  • Eating dark chocolates can also help you emotionally. It has an effect that relaxes you and making you happy. And because of this stress hormones are decreased and collagen breakdowns are less occurring.
  • Since dark chocolates are filled with antioxidants and minerals (copper, iron and zinc), these same substance can promote new cell growth that can help your skin be healthier.
  • Dark chocolate is said to help clear a common skin problem called eczema.


There are so much more benefits of dark chocolate that are still discovering until now so why not join the movement and start eating dark chocolate, you’ll never know you might discover something new.

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