Good Morning, Sunshine!

The beauty of the morning sun

Some are morning persons and some are not. For those who wake up early in the morning, they can benefit more from this fun fact. Although we all know that the right amount of sunlight can be good for our skin, did you know that the best time to expose our well-cared skin is during the morning and for the added bonus that the morning sun also has various benefits for our other bodily systems as well as our overall outlook in like? Below is a breakdown unto why the morning sun is the best time to wake up, move or go outdoors.


  • If you are struggling with your sleeping habits or is just having a hard time getting enough of it, then having a habit of waking up in the morning can improve your quality of sleep. By waking up early in the morning, our bodies reduces the release of melatonin, which is responsible in making us sleepy thus making us more energetic all throughout the day.
  • Exposure to the morning sun is the best time to accumulate your much-needed Vitamin D. The said vitamin helps absorb more calcium. It can also prevent heart disease and skin cancer. Being Vitamin D deficient is a serious matter; lack of this vitamin can cause the bones to become brittle or even misshapen. That is why those who don’t get to expose themselves in the morning sun, opt to take supplements, but still the best source is still the natural way since overdoing supplements can lead to problems in the kidney.
  • The morning sun helps your body release endorphins that can help fight depression. Also, our outer appearance can improve by making us look happy. This is because of the hormone called serotonin that can improve our mood.
  • Being exposed to the morning sun can improve our immune system because it helps produce white blood cells.
  • The morning sun helps prevent some skin problems such as acne, scars, stretch marks, psoriasis and eczema.
  • It can improve our digestion, appetite and metabolism. People who tend to be more exposed during the morning, our more in tune with their ideal weight. One reason behind this is because morning people have a healthier sleeping habit, and with good nights sleep comes a more energetic, controlled and effective person.
  • Studies have also concluded the morning sun can also protect us from breast, prostate and other forms of cancer.


The morning sun or what others call it the “sunshine vitamin” is a good way to be stronger both in mind and body. For as little as 15 minutes a day, for fair skinned and more if you are darker is enough to supply your body with its needed vitamins, but keep in mind never to stay longer than what is necessary and always use sun block or sunscreen. So for next time, try to wake up earlier than usual, get some healthy sunshine, beat the urge to stay in bed and be a new you.

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