The nightly regiment

We all have our nightly routines, some may based them on their needs or some may determine their regiments depending on their skin type.

Whatever a person chooses to do to help care for their skin nightly should be the best option they have. Is it really necessary for a person to have a nightly regiment? Isn’t it better if we just wash our face and forego any creams or products? Should we or shouldn’t we have a nightly regiment?

As we age our skin needs more care than usual. With the help of store bought products or in natural ways we can give our skin the tender love and care it deserves. Also, as we go about our daily lives our skin is exposed to various factors that can affect its overall appearance and its healthiness. Having a back up plan to care for it is necessary to maintain our skin,both our face and our body. That is where the nightly regiment comes in. There are simple ways to do a nightly regiment and those that take longer. Either way it depends on your needs and wants. Still it is best to visit your dermatologist, to get the most suitable advice.


A must do’s at night and should be included in your nightly regiment are the following:

  • Always remove make up or other products you have applied on your face all throughout the day. You may use makeup removers or cleansers to get rid of all the products on your face.
  • Cleanse your face and body. Wherever you have been, it is sure that you have picked up dirt that can cause damage to the skin or may lead to sickness. Cleansing your face and body will not only clean the outer layer it will help you avoid any necessary breakouts and reduce clogged pores. And depending on the product you are using can even out skin tone and promote collagen building anti aging effects.
  • After drying up, apply a moisturizer, lotion, treatments that you find is best suited for your needs. Creams that are intended for night can also be used before retiring to bed. But be wary not all night creams are for everyone. Ask around, check the label, consult a specialist and when trying something new, test if you are not allergic to a product by testing it on a small part of your hands or arms and if you don’t have any allergic reaction then you’re good to go.
  • Of course, the best regiment is always getting enough sleep. When we sleep our body’s hydration rebalances, which helps our skin, recover moisture. If we don’t have enough sleep our body and our skin suffers from poor water balance thus leading to puffy bags under our eyes and under eye dark circles, skin dryness and visible wrinkles.


Whatever your options are, the best thing to remember is to always keep our skin healthy no matter what.


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