Why Lotion Matters

Everyone is susceptible on having dry and rough skin; other may have certain spots of it. Lotion enhances and improves dry and rough skin


There are various lotions in the market today. Different varieties may have splurge up. There are hand, foot and body lotions to name a few. With all the lotions, you can easily purchase, do we really understand its use? Or is our knowledge enough to really develop that sense of responsibility to use our chosen lotion/s regularly? This article will list down the explanations on why you should use lotion. But first, let us define the product lotion.


Lotion is a product made by a low viscosity topical that is intended to be used externally to an unbroken skin. Lotions can be applied with our hands, a brush or any cloth, cotton wool or gauze. Lotions, are generally used to smoothen, moisturize and soften ones skin. Anti aging lotions and lotions with fragrances are just additives that are classified as cosmetic enhancements.


Why should you use a lotion? Here’s why.

  • It hydrates skin and re-hydrates dry ones. Climate change is the main factor of skin dryness. Especially for those with sensitive skin, external conditions play a big factor. Lotions should be applied on a daily basis to seal in moisture so that it will always be hydrated and supple.
  • Enhances and improves dry and rough skin. Everyone is susceptible on having dry and rough skin; other may have certain spots of it. A good example of these spots is the elbows and knees. With regular lotion use, the rough parts can improve over time making your skin smooth and silky.
  • Notice some hard parts on your feet, that is called calluses. Some calluses can be painful as well. Using lotion can make your calluses smoother which can help you remove the dead skin easier. If your callus is swollen, discolored or have red streaks, have a doctor check them first before you even attempt on removing them.
  • BB-Lotion3Lotion can make you feel and smell good. Because of the feeling applying lotion can give you, you will have that sense of being refreshed. If necessary, you can try out different scented lotions to indulge your senses. Not only do you moisturize your skin, you also make yourself feel better.
  • Lotion can make you feel relaxed. Try out a massage with scented lotion; you can also try those type of lotions that heats up during application.
  • Soften the hard parts of your body. If you shave your legs, you may feel as if it is dry afterwards. Applying lotion can make your legs feel moisturized and hydrated.
  • It makes your skin healthy and glowing. With the wide varieties of lotions in the market, you can try out different things for different reasons. Have a specific lotion for massaging and have something that you can use depending on your mood. Just make sure, especially if you have sensitive skin to always do the skin test first. Other than that, have fun! Who said that moisturizing is boring?


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