5 Ways To Prepare For Bikini Season

“It’s the summer season! And it’s time to bring out those bikinis! Preparing for this hot season physically through diet and exercise and also preparing mentally is a must!”



When we hear about summer, we think about the outdoors. Whether it is the beach, the mountains or anything you can do outside. It is all about having fun and wearing less due to the humid weather. This bikini season is all about flaunting those toned bodies that you worked hard for, but really, how do you properly and healthily prepare for this season? Here are 5 sure fire ways on how you can prepare and be ready for those gorgeous bikinis physically and mentally.


  1. Water, healthy food and exercise. These rules are not seasonal. Having a great bikini body involves you drinking plenty of water, to keep your body hydrated, your skin flawless and healthy and your organs functioning normally. Healthy food should be consumed everyday to avoid unwanted build up of fats and to keep you healthy and sick free. And of course, exercise. Regular exercise is good for the body and will keep you fit and sexy!

  2. Prepare to look extra good by removing unwanted hair. Shave, wax or whatever method you prefer, lessen or remove hair (especially if you have thick hair at your legs, bikini line and armpits.)

  3. Avoid food and drinks that can make you look bloated. It is normal for women to feel bloated especially if it is the time of the month but avoiding alcohol can give a significant difference for you to have a flat tummy. Avoid foods that are high in sodium like chips, soy sauce, pizza and packaged soups. Also, choose to have small portions of food all throughout the day instead of having large potions.

  4. Exfoliate, Moisturize and wear protection. Remove dead skin cells and regenerate your beautiful skin by exfoliating. Moisturize, after you exfoliate never forget to moisturize, this will keep your skin hydrated, healthy and smooth. And always protect your skin from harmful UV rays, even if you want to get a tan, it is important that you use the necessary precautions may it be sun screens or sun blocks. You can never be too careful.

Remember, it’s all about the confidence. Being bikini ready is not all about the way you look; it is also about the way you make yourself look. A woman with confidence is way sexier than the woman with an ideal figure but with no confidence. You can only achieve the confidence you need if you feel comfortable in your own skin. Don’t compare yourself to others, body types differs from one woman to another. You can never have the same body as another person because we are all built differently. That is why accepting yourself and how you look is the key to confidence. Another thing that can make you feel more confident and comfortable is the type of bikini you wear. Wear something that suits your body type. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have no idea. Have someone with you who can help you choose the right bikini. What’s important is that you can be you.


Have fun! Don’t be ashamed! Embrace you very own Bikini ready body!


NOTE:  Reposted with permission from iwomanph.com editorial team.


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