The beauty of clean and healthy nails


Sure, our polish choice is cool but if we haven’t been attentive about keeping our nails hydrated, don’t even think about posting a #ManiMonday photo on Instagram or Facebook.


Consciously or not we tend to look at our nails more often than we expect we do. Whatever we are doing or wherever we are our nails are visible to us and to those around us. Some may go to great lengths to make a fashion statement with their nails either on their hands or their feet and some are contented with just making them look clean. But outer appearance is not the only thing we should consider in keeping our nails healthy and strong, there are ways to properly care for it as well. Although we often take our nails for granted it is in a way a representation of our personal hygiene.


Anatomically the nail is a horn-like envelop which covers the tip of our fingers and toes. It is composed of a protective protein covering called keratin. The parts of a nail comprises of the matrix which is the tissue in which the nail protects and is responsible in the production of calls that becomes the nail plate. The lunula, is the whitish crescent shaped base on the nail. The nail bed is located beneath the nail plate. The nail sinus, this is where the nail root is located. The nail plate, is the hard part of the nail. The free margin, is the cutting edge of the nail. Hyponychium, located beneath the nail plate, and the onychodermal band, the seal under the nail plate and hyponychium.


Now that we know more about the nail and its parts, let us know about how we can properly care for them in order for us to maintain a beautiful set of nails.


  • Always keep your nails clean and trimmed. Either you do it yourself or have someone do it for you. It is important that we clean and cut our nails.
  • If you lack Vitamin B, it is possible that your nails can become weak and is more prone to break easily. If you are experiencing nail chips more often, consider taking supplements that contains Vitamin B.
  • For those who use nail polish, remember that once in awhile you will need to take a break from it and let your nails breath.
  • For those who have frequent manicure and pedicure session, do not over do it, our nails can get overworked and having undergo more sessions than normal can do more damage than good.
  • Nails should be moisturized as well specifically the cuticle.
  • You can clean your nails with a nail brush. By doing this you can clean dirt trapped inside the nails or at its sides. Take note to scrub gently.
  • When cleaning always wear gloves. Cleaning liquids contain strong chemicals that can weaken or dry out our nails.
  • If you feel like there is something wrong with your nails appearance or if you have early signs of infection, never self diagnose, consult a specialist and treat it immediately.




Don’t forget that we wash our hands over and over and we don’t apply hand lotion. Sure, our polish choice is cool but if we haven’t been attentive about keeping our nails hydrated, don’t even think about posting a #ManiMonday photo on Instagram or Facebook. Always keep one that hydrates and protects our skin at every sink in our home and in our purse—easy access is key because when it comes to adding a step to any routine, out-of-sight products are out-of-mind.


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