Underarm Problems: hair, dark color, bad odor



Do not fret; your underarm woes can easily be solved.


Most people are ashamed of their underarms because of unwanted hair, bad odor and dark color. These problems are affecting their self-confidence, and put them in embarrassing situations. There are several factors distressing underarm problems such as genes, external environment, skin color and age.



There are many solutions for unwanted hair – each one has its own pros and cons. The easiest and cheapest method is shaving. Using a razor can be quick and convenient, but over time it can cause ingrown hairs, darkening of the underarms due to the friction – and don’t forget the nicks and cuts if you’re not careful. When you shave, always use a fresh blade and shave the right way to avoid ingrown hairs, cuts and stubbles and inflammations. Exfoliating before shaving is recommended and if possible use a shaving cream.


Waxing is also one of your choices in getting rid of unwanted hair. While this is one of the most effective ways to get rid of stubborn hair, it can also be quite painful. And lastly there’s laser hair removal, a treatment that uses laser beams to cause long-lasting thermal damage to hair.



There are several reasons why some people suffer from darkened underarms. It can be a combination of hyper pigmentation or even hair that is left behind after shaving. Maybe the deodorant you are using is not agreeing with your skin or some sort of infection that affected your skin. A bacterial infection known as erythrasma and is seen as one of the reasons in producing dark underarms. The infection, caused by the Corynebacterium minutissimum bacterium, begins appearing as pink patches, and then those pink spots turn into brown scales.


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To deal with the problem, there are several whitening products available in the market, but if you want to be sure, consult a dermatologist about bleaching or lightening your underarms. The natural ingredients that lighten are Licorice, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, and Glutathione, so look for brands or treatments, which contain these. You can use Beaublends™ Underarm Whitening Solution is an intensive whitening and anti-perspirant deodorant which contains natural cosmeceutical ingredients and botanical extracts for safe and effective underarm whitening, and odor and sweat protection. It is specially formulated to whiten your armpits and get them glowing and radiant once more while giving you the protection from underarm odor.




Unlike other underarm problems, which you can hide by wearing clothes with sleeves or a shawl, you can not possibly hide a telltale smell. If this is your problem, it’s best to go back to basics and take a good look at your personal hygiene practices. Further, you need to choose a deodorant that has antibacterial (not just anti-perspirant) properties. Your underarm skin is particularly sensitive, so if you react severely to most products, make sure the formulation you choose is designed for sensitive skin to avoid itchy pits.


Gives you superior odor protection and intensive underarm whitening

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