Facial exercises


Everybody knows that exercise is good for our bodies, but not everyone have the slightest idea about facial exercise.


Some may have heard or seen facial exercises but brushes off the idea of doing something that may be in lined with people who join pageants, hosts or any other related field. Contrary to that belief, facial exercises should also be included in our daily lives. Why is that you ask? Because it gives you multiple benefits and you actually need to do it! Below you will find the reasons, why you should practice facial exercises.


  • Underneath our skin there is a type of fatty tissue called the subcutaneous layer which can diminish as we age, making our skin less firm and looking old, the remedy for this is facial exercises. By exercising our face our facial muscles are toned and lifted making it look more youthful and healthier.


  • Facial exercises, works the hypodermis, the dermis and the epidermis. By working the three layers the blood circulation increases, allowing more oxygen and nourishment to reach the skin cells which can make our face look and feel clearer and healthier.


  • Our face is the most prone to wrinkles, whatever facial expression we make, our facial muscles move, thus creating a pattern for our future wrinkles, but do not believe that the lesser we move our facial muscles the lesser our wrinkles are. When we practice facial exercise other parts of our facial muscles that don’t always move are put into use which can help fight off wrinkles by making our face look more toned. Our facial muscles are responsible in contouring the shape of our face and if we exercise it, you can prevent your face to look old, droopy eyelids and a sagged neckline.


  • Regular facial exercise increases blood flow and circulation in your muscles that prevents the formation of wrinkles. Some may call this exercise a natural way of facelift or even a way to relax since there is the so-called yoga for your face. Face yoga uses only our fingertips to create a light resistance. Face yoga generally takes 10-15 minutes daily. One technique that is commonly used is called “oil pulling” this involves rinsing the mouth with coconut oil just like how you use a regular mouthwash, but do not gargle, you need to push, pull and draw it through your teeth for 15-20 minutes. This technique will help both your oral health and will work your jaw muscles.


Below are some examples of facial exercises:


  1. The V. Is an alternative for botox and eye surgery. Press both your middle finger on the inner corner of your eyebrow. Afterwards use your index finger and apply a little pressure on the outer corner of your eyebrows. Raise your lower eyelids upwards and squint. Repeat and finish by closing your eyes tightly.
  2. The Smile Smoother. The alternative for lower face lift and fillers. Make an O shape with your mouth while hiding your teeth. Then smile widely without exposing your teeth. Repeat. Then, hold the smile while you place your index finger on your chin to start moving your jaw up and down as the head tilts back gently.
  3. Smooth the brow. Alternative for botox. Put both of your hands on your forehead facing inwards then spread your fingers out between the eyebrows and hairline.
  4. Flirty eyes. Alternative to eyebrow lift. Use both index fingers and place each one under each eye, point towards the nose. Hide your teeth and move the top and bottom lip away from each other. Flutter your upper eyelids as you look at the ceiling for 30 seconds.
  5. Alternative to neck lift and jowl lift. Looking straight ahead, use your fingertips and place it at the bottom of your neck and stroke the skin downwards while your head is tilted back. Then, bring your head back down towards your chest and repeat two more times. Lastly, jut the lower lip as far as you can and pull the corners of your mouth down by placing your fingertips on your collarbone with your chin upwards. Hold for four deep breaths.



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